Maze Art


I'm an artist that draws mazes unlike anything you have ever seen before:

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All of my mazes are meticulously planned and drawn by hand on a iPad. I wrote my own software based on a slime mold algorithm that proves there is exactly one path between any two points. The entry and exit points are strictly pro forma - pick any two points and there will be only one way to get between them.

Moss and Lichen Mazes ►

I take my inspiration from the textures and pathways of the natural world around me. Lichens and mosses are my favorite subjects.

I work at extremely high resolution. This allows me to extract excerpts of previous works and redevelop them into their own stand-alone pieces. Can you find the maze on the right embedded in the maze on the left?

The Flower Mazes ►

I'm also fascinated with the structure and organization of flowers. It is not surprising that I have a great passion for recursive forms.

The Leaf Mazes ►

Leaves take an incredible number of forms to optimize sunlight collection in their native environments or even ensnaring prey to steal nitrogen. Some plants meticulously arrange their leaves in optimized patterns while others overlay their neighbors in a battle of one-upmanship. All forms are inspiration for my mazes.

The Arthropod Mazes ►

The bodies of arthropods with their amazing colors and details offer ample opportunity for maze making. In addition, they create structures with weaving and tiling patterns that attract my attention.

The Abstract Mazes ►

Not all of my mazes came from the forms of real things. Some are completely abstract or so contorted from the original inspiration that it is impossible to tell whence they came.