#92 Rose Chrysanthemum Maze

#92 Rose Chrysanthemum Maze - This is my first maze entirely from within the cancer era of my life. I made my job really difficult this time. I started with a rough painting of a blooming chrysanthemum. At the same, on another layer, I drew 26,742 individual line segments crafting the edges and flow patterns of the flowers and foliage. An entire month passed as I stitched all those lines together to form a maze.

My mazes are exercises in steganography. This maze hides poetry, slogans, and insignia. There is also a classic physics equation concealed in here. Some are literally encoded in the shapes of the paths. Others are encoded in binary using the right/left turns of solution paths as the bits. Some are easy to find. Most, I believe, will never be found.

As with all my mazes, there is exactly one path between any two points. I give two suggested entries and exits, but you can always choose your own. My green and red path solutions cross exactly once. It doesn't really matter which direction you choose to go, I engineered this maze to be difficult even if you try to solve it backwards.

Can you find the Earth First! logo in this maze?