#91 Golden Chrysanthemum Maze

#91 Golden Chrysanthemum Maze - The blooms of chrysanthemum flowers in the fall always seem defiant to me. Winter is coming, but chrysanthemums bloom on the edge of winter, pushing the growing season to the very brink of safe limits.

Chrysanthemums are a good symbol for this era of my life. I've often ridden the edge of what is safe. On the day of this maze's completion, got bad news regarding a lingering medical diagnosis. My cancer has spread beyond the bounds of its origin. Well, shit.

While drawing this maze, I was studying the A* path finding algorithm. The pluggable architecture of my Python slime mold simulator made it easy to adapt to A*. Applying it to my older mazes, I began to see where A* has a difficult time. While, like the other search algorithms, it will eventually succeed, I decided to make A* waste as many compute cycles as I could. The algorithm has trouble with spiral pathways. The solutions of this maze are rife with nested spirals while the blind paths are long and deceptively direct.

Unfortunately, I'm faced with a maze I did not draw: our abysmal understaffed profit driven medical system. I'm cursed to walk a path I never willingly chose. I did not plan to have an autumn in my life, as a biker, I set up my life for early checkout. I find myself surprised and unprepared to be here.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep drawing as it grants me peace in a era that desperately calls out for it.

Meanwhile, my 2017 iPad is failing.
I want to keep drawing, but I'm going to have to replace it soon.

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