#67 Whitewater Mountain Biking

#67 - Whitewater Mountain Biking -I've been experimenting with mazes at different scales. Most of my works take months to draw and are difficult to print at small sizes.  This is one of my first studies at a different scale.

Some people have told me that my work reminds them of the works of the late artist Keith Haring. Yeah, I can see the common elements, but I lack the street wise edginess of his art. My tangled lines are quiet contemplation and introspection, his tangles are exuberant emotion: celebration, fury and loss.

In this work, I am quoting myself. I have taken a macro view of the maze 0064 Usnea longissima 3 and redrawn it as a stand alone maze. I also repainted the coloring for this intense close up view.

The name, "Whitewater Mountain Biking" comes from what I imagine in the tangled lines. I see an out of control bicyclist launching over handbars as the bike tumbles into foaming whitewater. Perhaps, then it is a self portrait, as it seems that I have crashed off mountain bike trails into boulder strewn creeks more often than most people.

The maze itself is trivial in comparison to my full sized mazes. I didn't put a formal entrance/exit pair in this image. There is exactly one path between any two points, so it is up to the solver to select the start and end.