#87 The Spoon Daisy Maze

#87 Spoon Daisy Maze - I seem to be in a flower phase. Half of all my mazes in the last two years have been flowers.

There are some technical differences between this maze and other recent mazes. The pathways are physically wider within the frame, so there are fewer decision points and non-trivial blind paths are shorter. This means this maze is likely easier to solve.

I remember my fascination when seeing spoon daisies for the first time at a local garden center back in the 90s. They were flowers out of a Dr Suess book. Ultimately, they're just not hardy enough for my climate.

They're a different genus than the standard wild daisies and they don't grow true from seed. All the varieties of spoon daisies are clones of outstanding individuals with the curling petal trait rather than grown from seed.

They are perennials in their native South African habitat, but here in Oregon, they are annuals. They grow great until the Summer heat begins. They rally in the Fall only to be killed by winter.

I reprised one of my favorite path textures in this maze. "Ripped Screen" is the name I use for the jagged green background with the circular bias. I used ripped screen in several mazes during the before-times relative to the pandemic: "Eye of the Beholder", "Four Gyres", and "Maze of Neon".

I really enjoyed drawing the center of this flower. It was like drawing with dark neon tubes of purple, blue and orange. The chaotic smearing of the details into flowing patterns is a colorful acid trip joy ride.