#23 Amelia's Latte Maze

#23 Amelia's Latte Maze - This maze was inspired by a latte served in 2016 at Tried & True Coffee in Corvallis, Oregon. The fluid flows and the turbulence called for a joyful study of complexity in the form of a maze.

As a denizen of the software industry, I've brought software practices into my art process. In other words, none of my projects are finished, there's always a latest version coming down the pipeline. Upgrading to the latest version is always recommended.

Maze 23, Amelia's Latte is a perfect example. Originally frenetically drawn in just one week back in 2016, I never thought of it as one of my better works. I made one signed print, gave it to Amelia, and never showed the piece again. In 2021, I reprocessed the piece, making version 2, but then decided that it still wasn't worth showing.

In February of 2023, I resurrected it again, featuring cropped excerpts of the maze as screen backgrounds for my patrons on Patreon. That got me looking at the piece again with a new eye. I wiped out great swaths of the maze and redrew it into version 3. Now, I think I like it and present it to the public for the first time.