#85 The Queer Lime Zinnia Maze

#85 The Queer Lime Zinnia Maze - I've always been interested in strange flowers - especially plants with green flowers. I didn't know until recently that green zinnias existed. This is a specimen of a second generation, open pollinated seedling of the named variety, Queen Lime. As it is a unique seedling, I give it the name "Queer Lime".

When I first saw plants of the parent variety blooming alongside their more neon brethren, I thought they were ugly. Then, by happenstance the following year, another flower bed grew nothing but the progeny of the original variety. Together in a bank of blooms isolated from the gaudier side of the family, I thought they were magnificent. I would never have thought to put these colors together.

This was fun maze to draw. When putting together the maze, finding ways of branching great swaths of parallel pathways is always a challenge. Sometimes I use gradual freeway-exit branches. On this maze, I just stuck to right angles.

This maze is different from most of my other mazes in that it has only one entrance and exit. I normally do two of each, but since this maze is smaller than most of my other mazes, I decided that one solution path was enough. The direction arrows are just suggestions, it ought to be equally difficult going either direction.