#32 The Fuchsia Maze

#32 The Fuchsia – When I moved to Oregon in my thirties, I encountered fuchsias for the first time. Apparently, Montana nurseries didn't sell them. Until then, I knew the word, fuchia, as a color, though I doubt that I could have matched the color name to a color sample.

Of course, I was drawn to the varieties with complex blooms sold as summer annuals in Oregon garden centers. Sadly, unlike so many plants in my greenhouses, fuchias do not thrive under my neglectful care.

For this maze, I took a flower off a fading plant and suspended it over my electronics workbench with an alligator clip. I played with shadows and reflections by adjusting the lighting. I sketched the bloom and dutifully traced light rays to determine the reflections and shadows. However, all most all that work got cropped off as I ultimately preferred a tighter view of the bloom.

Like all my mazes, I offer two suggested start and end points. The solutions along those paths cross exactly once. However, since there is exactly one path between any two points, you can choose your own adventure and make your own entrance and exit.