#68 Moss and Lungwort Maze

#68 - Moss and Lungwort Maze - I'm sheltering at home during the pandemic and my stress level is an angry storm cloud looming over my head.  I avert my eyes, looking to the ground. To cope with the weight on my spirit, I draw what I see.

This maze is inspired by a mass of moss and lichen on a branch that fell onto an outdoor table during a January storm.  I walked by it every day, noting how it changed from day to day.  On sunny days it would shrivel and turn dusty brown.  On rainy days, it glowed in vibrant dripping shades of green and brown.  One foggy morning, frosty rime highlighted the edges and that's when I acted to capture it.

The moss and lungwort lichen compete, each striving to over top the other.  Yet they also seem to cooperate by supporting one another and anchoring each other to the branch.  While I can often find them together, I'm unsure if they are really friends or not.

Like all my mazes, there is exactly one path between any two points.  I offer two entrances and two exits, designated by red and green arrows in the margins.  These two solution paths cross each other exactly once.  The solutions trace scenic tours through the tangle of mosses and across the surfaces of the lungwort.  When drawing the maze, I made my solution paths follow my gaze as I examined fascinating tiny details.  That can be used as a strategy to solve it, though, we may have differences in which details catch our respective eyes.