#78 The Ant in the Sunflower Maze

#78 - Ant in the Sunflower Maze - Plants of the genus Helianthus, sunflowers, are amazing. This maze was inspired by an open pollenated seedling that we grew in the Summer of 2021. It appears to be a hybrid of the Teddy Bear type and a more common dwarfed sunflower. It grew about four feet tall and produced only one bloom, a ragged hippie of bloom, unkempt and wild on the edges, kind of like me.

As we suffered a major ant infestation in the last few years, I included an ant in this maze. Ants are everywhere these days, even in the winter: the kitchen, the bathroom, the greenhouses. A nest even moved into the charger for my toothbrush. Someday, I'll make a maze of just ants.

The mix of colors, fiery yellowish orange and green combine to create some of my favorite colors ever.

So many times after I complete a maze, I decide suddenly that I don't like it. I finished this maze in November 2021 and then just walked away from it. In yet another iteration of cleaning out and organizing my computer storage four months later, I looked at it again and decided to display it.