Our Wedding Vows

Beatrice: For all this long time you have stuck together;
Proven beyond doubt, you're birds of a feather;
Eighteen years is an awfully long wait;
Quick answer my questions, before it's too late;

I turn now to Paul, for he's a bit older;
will you answer the query, I read from my folder?

Yes, I will answer, when you read from the folder;
And really, I am only a tiny bit older.

and Lars I will have some to ask of you, too
will you speak out and say what is really true?

Lars: yes, of course, I'll say what is true
I look forward to those questions from you.

Beatrice: Paul, do you take this man Lars as your mate?
with full knowledge of the rumors that he's really not straight?

Yes, I know he's not really straight,
and yes, by all means, he should be my mate,

Lars, Paul over there, should he be your groom?
is it who you'll marry? be specific, we'd best not assume.

yes, it is Paul I'll marry as my groom,
and being specific it's not "who", but "whom".

Paul will you stand by Lars in both sickness and health?
and stay by his side in either poorness or wealth?

Paul: I will stand with Lars in poorness of health,
I will stay by him during the sickness of wealth,

Beatrice: Lars is it your desire to care for your Paul?
to be with him and hold him through anything at all?

Lars: through anything at all, I'll care for my Paul,
to be with him and hold him, I give him my all.

we've covered both the good and the bad,
We're now to the point of the happy and glad.
Now is time to be a little bit bolder,
I want you to stand shoulder to shoulder
Through the power given me by Oregon State
It is time you speak together and seal your fate,

There once were a couple men I knew
a wedding it seemed we'd never view
eighteen years they waited
their dreams quite deflated
but now all they must say is....

Paul & Lars:
I do!