#89 Pandora Poppy Maze

#89 Pandora Poppy Maze - Over the last few summers, we've planted some poppy varieties that look like they're made from crepe paper: Amazing Grays and Pandora. They don't look real. The natural linear white markings on a Pandora bloom inspired this mottled maze.

I've continued my newly developed maze construction technique of initially drawing swarms of very short lines and leaving their sculpting to the connection phase. For most of my mazes, I've drawn dozens of tiny mazes and linked them together to form the final singular maze. In this new technique, I draw thousands of tiny line segments without branches. I use shunts to create the branches only after I've covered the whole canvas.

This new method results in a much more difficult maze to solve as the blind paths are significantly longer. It also changes the overall texture of the image. In these close up images, the right angle shunts between parallel lines are different from my normal "freeway merges" connections. Both styles are still present, but the shunts lend a different texture to the maze. Compare the look with the older style of #72 Butterscotch Rose.