#76 Parsley Maze

#76 - Parsley Maze - Is it a hunting raptor's view over a dense forest or is just me, gazing at the complexity of parsley? What is hidden in the shade and how far down is it to the ground? This ridiculously hard maze is somewhere between a texture and a three dimensional landscape.

Inspiration for this study of parsley came from another artist, absenceandall on Instagram. With simple forked wedge shapes, they draw amazing organic textures that become landscapes. I've lost many an hour gazing into their work visualizing vector flow algorithms.

This is a really hard maze. I spent a lot of time conspiring against a solutionist, making very long blind paths mixed in with the noise of short blind paths. The actual solutions spend a lot of time wandering in the wrong direction before remembering to connect to their exits.

As usual, there are two prescribed routes, the green path and the red path. Somewhere in the tangle, they cross each other exactly once. I've noticed over the years that running a maze backwards is often easier than going forward as the artist intended. This maze takes that into account and I made all routes in any direction difficult and deceptive.