Pegboard Tool Storage - Batteries

I am a heavy user of rechargeable batteries.  There is a trick to the successful use of rechargeables. If you have a need for just a handful of batteries, then you need to have 2 times the number of rechargeables than you have spaces that need batteries.  If you have more than a handful, you can get away with about 1.5 times the number of spaces requiring batteries.

The overstock is so that that you never have the experience of running out of power  and having to wait for batteries to charge.  

I keep the battery charger in the breezeway into the old cottage, just beneath the pegboard tools storage.  I keep fully charged batteries on the pegboard so they can just be grabbed as needed.  Batteries in need of a charge go directly into the charger sitting on the self below the pegboard.  When I walk by, if I notice that there are completed batteries in the charger, I just transfer them up on the pegboard holders.

Here's my design of the pegboard battery station:

Those designs translate into reality as these:

You can download this design at my Pegboard Battery Storage entry on