Greenhouse 5: part 2

It's been a month and a half since I last posted about my private garden in Greenhouse 5.  It is a greenhouse off to the east of my big production greenhouses.  It was empty this year and I decided to make it my own private garden.  I planted it in May and now things are quite lush in there now despite of our cold wet Spring and disappointingly cool Summer.
I love the overgrown look.  Those are horse tails and lemon balm growing in the floor.  That's hops in background, ornamentals in the hanging pots on the right, peppers in the middle, and hanging pots of strawberries an the left.
The large pot of flowers at the bottom of this photo is homage to my late mother.  These are the things that she would have planted around our home back in the seventies in Montana.  I like the fiery colors of the first hanging pot.
The peppers on the left are really doing well.  Behind the peppers, but in front of the hops, are flat Italian beans.  They are already producing more than we can eat.
Some peppers are just ripening and will be ready for eating soon.  I've got about eight different types - mostly sweet but I can't resist growing hot ones, too.
The watermelons and gourds are a complete failure.  Voles keep undermining them and chewing the roots off.  It is very disappointing as these were the whole idea of gardening in the greenhouse this year.  I've yet to successfully grown a watermelon.  Next year, I think I'll try them in giant pots.