#34 The Poppy Maze

#34 The Poppy Maze – The Shirley Poppy was created through thoughtful hybridization in the late 1800s by Rev. William Wilks of Shirley in South London. Bred from common field poppies, they now have a wide spectrum of colors, textures and styles.

I studied the form of this flower for days before I began drawing. The challenge with this maze was to show perspective and three dimensional shape. The stamens and stigma stand above the plane of the petals and I had to show that with only a few penstrokes. I practiced many different styles, before settling on this technique. The key to this effect was reversing the direction of the curvature of the paths on the stamens and the angle of the switch-backs in the stigma. I'm very pleased with the result.

The two solutions to this maze wander through the petals up into the stamens and stigma. Or maybe they don't, there's only one way to tell and that's your job.