404 Flood Not Found

"The flood you expected is no longer in service.  If you think you've reached this message in error, please check your river and then rain again."

Our flood didn't happen and we're not quite sure why.  We wonder if the upstream river gauge was malfunctioning.  Considering how much rain we got, the gauge's behavior certainly seemed plausible.

The valley's main river, the Willamette, was not experiencing high levels. The theory goes that the lower stem of the Mary's, our river, had the capacity to drain very quickly.  The Willamette effortlessly consumed what was a major flood five miles upstream.  Had the Willamette been backed up, the upstream flood would have pooled on top of us.

It's fascinating to have observed these different flood personalities over the years.  Each is unique.  This non-flood was the strangest one yet.

I now may proceed with my regular life.