Another day lost to effin' Linux video drivers

I've been using Suse 12.1 for a while.  The only problems that I've been having are in regards to the video drivers.  After having bad luck trying to use the nVidia drivers with my workstation's Quadro FX 570 video card, I've made peace using the default
Nouveau driver.  There are a few artifacts and sometimes  some windows freeze, but overall the experience has not been too bad.

Then came Firefox 10.0.1.  While dealing with an unrelated crisis in my own Mozilla project, Firefox became unusably unstable.  I ended up filing this bug:

In comment #2, it was suggested that I use the nVidia drivers because the Nouveau drivers were known to be problematic.  Dismissing the alarm bells in my head, I decided to try the nVidia drivers again.  Just like last time, I never recovered.

With the nVidia drivers, instability spread to everything. The screen was excruciatingly slow.  Dragging a window would leave artifacts behind.  The mouse would lag noticeably behind where I though it should be.  To really irk me, I lost the ability to use the second monitor.  nVidia's X configuration app was of no help.  It wanted to write an xorg.conf file, but xorg apparently doesn't use that file anymore.  Once I managed to get the second screen to light up, I was unable to set rotation because "X doesn't support that". Bull, I was using a rotated monitor just a few hours ago.  Arrrrgggh.

I couldn't figure out how to revert to the Nouveau drivers.  Nothing that I did would restore what I had earlier.

At the same time as all this crap, I was trying to deal with the crisis in my own project.  Unable to get my machine to work reliably, I pulled the plug on both my workstation and the current push of my own project.  Oh, yeah, then I had to go to the dentist.

It's been a hell of a day.  I reinstalled Suse 12.1 from scratch to restore the Nouveau video.  Now, some thirteen hours later, I've gotten my workstation restored to where it was twenty-four hours ago.  The day was a complete effin' waste.

I'm so done with Linux video.  I just may well be done with Linux.