0000 Picaso Study Maze

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0000 Picaso Study Maze - This was my very first maze drawn on an iPad. I drew mazes as a child, and tried my hand at on a paper just few months ago. My husband pushed and iPad and Apple Pencil in my hands and showed me a drawing program.

I discovered I could trace patterns and enhance textures at the same time that I'm drawing a maze. I could examine every tiny detail of a painting or photograph and find fascinating patterns and details. I would trace them, using the twists and turns of a consistent width line to enhance and simplify textures. It was like drawing with multicolor neon.

I decided to study some of the great works of art.  I wanted to explore the textures and see if they could be replaced with textural lines.  As I studied the brush strokes of Picaso, I felt almost as if I could sense his mood when he drew his brush strokes.  Looking at that level of detail, as I drew my lines, I played back his emotions like the needle in a record groove.  Or I imagined the whole thing. It was fun, anyway.
This very first maze is crude in comparison with what came later. I hadn't figured out a lot on how to really do really use the tools. It began an adventure unlike any in my experience. Discovering a new fascinations and joy at age 56 was a great thing. I've resisted impulses to go back to this maze and fix all its flaws.  It stands as my first piece exactly as I finished it.