Discarded Live Batteries

I'm a great fan of my noise canceling headphones, but I don't like the fact they they require a battery. I generally use Eneloop rechargeable batteries at home so that I don't have to act like a conveyer belt for alkaline battery migration from Costco to the landfill.

It seems that most devices that use AAA batteries require two of them. Inevitably, one battery of the two will drain while the other retains a good deal of its charge. Years ago, we used to use the trick of reversing the batteries after the first failure to squeeze the final charge out of the second battery (or was that just a Boy Scout thing?). People don't seem to do that anymore as it is easier to just replace them both and move on.

When I travel to the Mozilla Mothership for work several times per year, I mine the discarded battery bins for useful batteries. About fifty percent of the AAA batteries that I dumpster dive for retain nearly a full charge. The headphones take only one battery and they don't eat much power. I can get hours of music from batteries that would otherwise be discarded. My LED headlamp has been powered by discarded batteries for several years now.

Yeah, I'm smug about this tiny contribution to conservation. Yes, I know that the batteries still end up in the landfill eventually. I've not given up my commitment to rechargeables at home.