The Long Road to Electric: part 1

Well, I got my Nissan Leaf on Friday the thirteenth.  The most astounding thing about this all electric car is that it is just a car.  Yeah, it's got a dashboard display from an eighties Star Trek episode, but so do a lot of cars these days.  Aside from attracting attention, it has, in the last forty-eight hours, acted just like any other new car that I've ever had: astonishingly normal.

Prior to deciding to purchase this car, I audited my own driving habits.  I drove, on average, only every other day.  Those trips overwhelmingly spanned less than thirty miles.  About once every two months, I have a two hundred mile day.  About once a year, I have fifteen hundred mile trip.

I realized that I was a perfect candidate for going zero emission for most of my driving.  Yes, I know zero emission doesn't mean zero environmental impact.  For most of my driving, I'll use the Leaf.  For the rest, I'll borrow/rent a car, take the train, or ride my motorcycle.

I'm really interested in watching how it performs: how long, how far, and for how much?  I will be tracking its data on every use.  It's charger is metered all by itself, so I can get great power usage data.  I'll be commenting on my analysis as it happens.

We drove about sixty miles in the first twenty-four hours.  That included about ten miles at sixty-five and twenty at fifty-five.  On returning home in the afternoon, the car reported that it had twenty-miles of range left.  It said that it would take sixteen hours on a 120V charger to return to full charge.  By morning, it was fully charged.

Yes, a car with this range suits my needs nicely.  I regret that I will be insufferable for the next few weeks.