does it do code?

This is a test to see if Blogger can handle code.  For example, this is what I'm talking about:
for i in range(10):
    print i
That was an example of Python code. I wonder if this could be extended for syntax highlighting.

Here's some Lisp that I wrote in 1987:
;;; This routine returns a list of states through which a path
;;; exists from the start to the goal
(defun extract-path (n hash)
  (let ((pred (gethash n hash)))
    (cond ((eq pred t) (list n))
          ((eq pred nil) (msg "Something horrible has happened" N))
          (t (cons n (extract-path pred hash))))))
Here's some C++ from 1991:
IntegerIndividual0::IntegerIndividual0 (void) : IntegerParameterIndividual()

  if (!Usage++)
    MutationSize = ((DoubleIterator*)IntegerIndividual0IT)->GetValue();
    MutationRange = new int[NumberOfParameters];
    if (!MutationRange)
      fprintf (stderr, "Out of Memory!!!\n");
      exit (-1);
    for (int i = 0; i < NumberOfParameters; i++)
      MutationRange[i] = (int)(IntRanges[i] * MutationSize / 2.0);
Now it would nice to figure out a way to more automatically apply styles to a code fragment block.

What is up with this editor?  Some times pressing the <enter> key results in the cursor heading back to the beginning of a paragraph instead of going to a new line.  It seems to properly insert the newline, but cursor just doesn't got where I'd expect it to.